Keynote Speakers
Dr.-Ing. Hon-Zong Choi
Principal Researcher, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Director, i-Manufacturing Center
Former President, Korean Society of Precision Engineers
Republic of Korea
Title of speech : “Online Design Collaboration for the Manufacturing Enterprises”
Abstract :
Small and medium sized manufacturing Enterprise (SMMEs) are in desperate need of an information system to deal with the fast-paced manufacturing environment, however they are having trouble with gigantic initial costs from expensive programs, instruments and getting professionals for maintenance. SMMES are in a disadvantageous spot in terms of the collaboration among enterprises although they play a key role in value chains of various industries. They are lack of manpower and capital in comparison with large enterprises.
This on-line collaboration system is a public infrastructure, so it just have to be dealed with the costs of using it without any initial system introduction costs. It is also very efficient in diverse phases, because it optimizes the important functions to be used by all sectors and manages the security system to protect a company’s technological assets.
As a try to resolve those problems, it has been developed a Collaboration-Hub named I-manufacturing which is an online collaboration system especially for SMMEs. This Collaboration-Hub enables SMMEs to cooperate with others regardless of time and place. It is also very helpful to minimize the cost and the delivery time in manufacturing activities. I-manufacturing is a transparent and promising online collaboration system, which has been used by more than 1500 Korean small and medium sized manufacturing companies for 10 years.
In this study, we introduce major functions and technologies of the Collaboration-Hubs in terms of product development for the manufacturing enterprises. We hope that this Collaboration-Hub will be an essential tool for SMMEs to improve their manufacturing productivity.

Prof. Naoki Fukaya
Associate Professor
Medical and Welfare Engineer Course
Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology
Tokyo, Japan
Title of speech : “Development of Assistive Technology using Linkage Mechanisms”
Abstract :
The development of assistive technology devices which touches a human being is not easy. The human being who is a support target of these devices is heavy and soft. Therefore when having contact with human being, a device is delicate, and complicated movements are necessary. Then devices and these systems becomes complicated if it is desirable to use a lot of actuators and sensors to have contact with human being politely. Therefore I have developed assistive technology devices of the simple structure by using a linkage mechanism. Therefore we have developed assistive technology devices of the simple structure by using a linkage mechanism called harmonic linkage mechanisms. I explain a robotic hand which can grasp various objects with one motor, walking simulator robot and power assist devices for ankle joint as a use example of this harmonic linkage mechanisms.